Upcoming Meeting

Board Meeting

Date: 8/18/16

Time: 5:45 PM sign-in, 6:00 PM call to order

Location: Oakhurst Community Park (Twelve Oaks Street)

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ARC Application
(NOTE: The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) must approve any exterior improvements prior to commencement of work. This would include painting/staining, major re-landscaping, back yard decks/structures, and satellite dishes.)

Community Manager

Our community manager is Debi Widmer. She can be reached by email or phone:


503-670-8111 x226


September 2016

Washington County Code Enforcement

The Washington County Code Enforcement website allows lot owners to access the appropriate resources and to assist in the problem-solving process of code enforcement. The site includes links to county webpages with more information and online complaint forms.

Neighborhood Street Program

From the website for the Neighborhood Street Program:

"The goals of the Neighborhood Streets Program are to preserve and improve neighborhood livability by:

  • Discouraging undesirable driver behavior,
  • Encouraging safe pedestrian and bicycle use,
  • Improving the safety of pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers,
  • Involving area residents in solving traffic problems, and
  • Making efficient use of your tax dollars by prioritizing requests for improvements."

The Board can solicit volunteers to help with the program if the community feels the program is helpful.