Upcoming Meeting

Annual Meeting

Date: 6/18/15 

Time: 7:00 PM (sign-in starts at 6:45 PM)

Location: HOA Community Park (Twelve Oaks Street)


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Helpful Tips for Attending a Board Meeting

ARC Application
(NOTE: The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) must approve any exterior improvements prior to commencement of work. This would include painting/staining, major re-landscaping, back yard decks/structures, and satellite dishes.)

Community Manager

Our community manager is Brian Hess. He can be reached by email or phone:

brian.hess@ managementtrust.com

503-670-8111 x279


May 2015

2015 Meeting Schedule

  • June 18th -- (Annual Meeting) HOA Community Park, Twelve Oaks Street
  • August 20th -- HOA Community Park, Twelve Oaks Street
  • October 15th -- South Meadows Middle School
  • December 17th -- South Meadows Middle School

Pet Cleanup Reminder

Owning a pet is a great privilege, but it comes with responsibility. Please be sure to pick up and dispose of any pet waste immediately to keep the community clean and enjoyable for all residents.

ARC Reminder

If the first glimmers of Spring have you thinking about home improvement projects, don't forget to file an ARC application before starting work.