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Board Meeting

Date: 12/18/14

Time: 7:00 PM (sign-in starts at 6:45 PM)

Location: South Meadows Middle School

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ARC Application
(NOTE: The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) must approve any exterior improvements prior to commencement of work. This would include painting/staining, major re-landscaping, back yard decks/structures, and satellite dishes.)

Community Manager

Our community manager is Brian Hess. He can be reached by email or phone:

brian.hess@ managementtrust.com

503-670-8111 x279


December 2014

Winter and Holiday Safety

While this time of year is a time of celebration for some, it can also be a time of increased hazards from both seasonal celebrations and seasonal weather.  The National Fire Protection Association has compiled a list of information resources about potential hazards and practical precautions to ensure your household remains safe.

And don't forget the safety of your pets! Holidays and cold weather can pose risks to our four-legged friends that we may not always be aware of. The ASPCA has some helpful safety tips to keep in mind, as well.