August 2012

Natural Space Garbage Cleanup Report

You can now download the report about the garbage cleanupthat took place in our neighborhood in February. Thanks to the work of volunteers, we picked up a lot of garbage and debris, making our community look cleaner and nicer. Some important lessons learned:

  • 90% of the garbage was at the fence line or easily reached from the sidewalk.
  • If everyone picks up garbage as soon as they see it, it won’t become such a problem.
  • Being aware of the problem is half the battle.

ARC reminder

Changes to the exterior of your home will require an ARC application to be filled out PRIOR to starting the work.

Access your account — online!

Want to pay your assessments online, check your ARC history, or follow-up on that recent compliance issue? Thanks to our management company, The Management Trust-Northwest, you can access all that information and more using their convenient web portal feature. And to make it even more convenient, we’ve added a permanent link to the web portal login page on the right sidebar.

2012 Budget

The 2012 Budget is now available for download on theDocuments page.

Home Safety Tips

Please visit the local fire and rescue website to get safety tips and important information to keep your family safe!

Local Activities

Please visit the City of Hillsboro Library website for upcoming news and events in your area.

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