September 2015

2015 Meeting Schedule

  • October 15th — South Meadows Middle School
  • December 17th — South Meadows Middle School

Friendly Reminder

Garbage, trash, and trash containers must be kept out of sight from the street except on designated trash collection days.

Lawn Maintenance

Section 10.13 of our CC&Rs covers General Landscaping and Exterior Maintenance:

Section10.13 General Landscaping and Exterior Maintenance

Decorative ground cover consisting of bark dust/mulch or rock in the front and any unenclosed side yard may not exceed fifty percent (50) percent of the total area of the front, side and rear yards, excluding decks, patios, or sidewalks, unless otherwise approved by the ACC or designated by the Declarant, the Board or a governmental authority.  The remainder of the yard shall be lawn or sod.  Growth of grasses in lawns must be properly maintained not to exceed four (4) inches in height.  All landscaping located on any Lot not maintained by the Association pursuant to this Declaration shall be properly maintained at all times by the Lot Owner .  Each Lot Owner shall keep all shrubs, trees, grass, and plantings of every kind on his or her Lot cultivated, pruned, free of trash, and other unsightly material.  All improvements upon any Lot not maintained by the Association pursuant to this Declaration shall at all times be kept in good condition and repair and adequately painted or otherwise maintained by the Lot Owner.  Declarant, the Association, and the ACC shall have the right at any reasonable time to enter upon any Lot to replace, maintain, and cultivate shrubs, trees, grass, or other plantings as deemed necessary; and to paint, repair, or otherwise maintain any improvements in need thereof, and to charge the cost thereof to the Lot Owner.  Each Owner of a Lot shall also be responsible for removal of snow and ice from that Owner’s Lot.

This association’s Lawn and Garden Maintenance Guidelines, found on their website, provide good information about how to properly maintain your lawnto meet community requirements.

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